Where Are My Reviews?

Why is it taking me so long to produce my most recent articles? Let me clarify and I know most of you will understand because you are cool like that!

I was putting out several stories. When I said ‘several’, I mean hundreds of articles from product reviews to book reviews to work from home tips and tricks.

I let my article sit for a few days so I can complete the graphics for it, add more valuable insights if needed, and figure out which platform values my writing. This helps with exposure because why am I promoting things without an audience? It makes little sense.

When I let my work sit, I also analyze my previous traffic and where it is coming from. If I do not see exposure, I do what I can to fix the issue and then publish it. I saw a lot of issues!

The Delay

I notice that the Google algorithm was acting strange. Traffic and bounce rates were off. It was never like that.

I got wrapped up in trying to figure out what Google was changing, and I figured it out. My site was going into automatic journalism publishing, meaning the slug URL was ‘dating’. Now if you do not know what that means, here! Let me explain.

If you are a blogger, you do not need your URL to point to a specific date. It gives your article a ‘life span’. It would be recommended for maybe a few weeks and after that, the search engine will start to only pick up posted articles from your site. This makes your site very hard to rank. That’s why news channels or journalism channels hire a ton of help. They need to push a lot of articles every day (clickbait or not).

I notice that this was happening to all five of my website!

I did not catch on because I go between my websites and rarely check my settings unless they have warned me of a recent update. This neglect cost me a lot of money, so what I have done was focus on one website now and point all my other domains here. I work alone so I have to be very careful and diligent with these changes that were added with any word press updates. There have been a lot of updates.

SEO and Tagging

I was missing plenty of these, so even when my article was doing well, I was only getting the attention of my current followers. I have to go back and redo a lot of my tagging to keep my articles updated for the search engine.

Custom Graphic

I was told that the Search engine favors custom graphic over stock photos, which I have been using for my thumbnail or blog art. I had to go back in time to change a lot of my writing. I realize my alt-code was also missing, so my images were not even ‘connected’ to my work. This can be problematic when images of any kind boost your overall SEO recommendation. Anyone telling you otherwise is doing their best to see you fail.

Articles with very little to say also drop your traffics and articles with too much to say will decline you. There is a lot of work running a site. I had a method but things fluctuate and you have to be armed to deal with these modifications with an attempt to revise it.

Pick a Platform That Works

This is essential. While studying my traffic, a few were engaging. I did not want to maintain interest in a platform that produces little to no exposure to my writing.

Sure, most of my effort is intimate and less journalism, but I am a booster, so I intend to seize the awareness of a vaster audience who is searching relatable articles for personal reasons.

There is a modest community out there who are hoping to read people’s personal observations on products, books, and travels before concluding on an investment. Going to the company’s site is the initial place, but tuning in to the average person is more credible.

That’s where I come in!

I narrowed down a few sites that are further practical and they are all combined at the top of the page! If you are affiliated with any of those platforms, add me. If you would stay here, sign up for the newsletter to remain updated! This is the easiest way to hear from me.


I am 65% of the way through with patching up some codes to satisfy design specifications, choosing the social media platform for my task, and recreating this site to fit the demands of my readers. Praises for your tolerance and like always, drop a comment, feedback, and a note to show me you care. Goodbye for now!

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There is nothing more annoying than to find a website and read the same stories shared by so many people. Most likely these writers found a popular article, changed a few words, pretend to care about it, and then enjoy the traffic as it links back to them. Unfortunately, Soul dislike following the crowd. Niches? What is that? Being someone with a variety of interests is more entertaining than someone with a narrow perspective in life. Follow Soul for a variety of topics and let her share her life with you.

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