What You Will Find Here

If you are new here, welcome! What you will find here includes the following topics listed below. This website extends my business and projects. You will find my drafts, writing ideas, book reviews, and writing tips and tricks which include marketing tips and tricks.

I will list here all genre book reviews and you can find them by clicking the link below for easy navigation.

All Book Genres

Romance Book Reviews

As most of you learn, I created my book reviews on Kindle Corners (which is apparently the reason you are here since I have forwarded the domain), but it was distracting to travel between four websites so I am moving all the analyses here! I will continue to promote my reviews on the platforms I have been sharing my work, which is Goodreads, Amazon reviews, and Reedsy. I will cease working on Twitter.


Yes. I am applying to this site to distribute journal-style blogging, something that I seldom see anymore. I connect the themes to lifestyle conversations. Oh, there are plenty of subjects to share. The world has a good deal of issues I wish to talk about, which will be entertaining.

Plus, I will share here my freelance tips and tricks.

Story Updates

By fixating on one website now, I will update people on my drafted stories. I have a good deal of novels to chat about. Maybe it can benefit someone who has a writer’s block.

Photo Story

This is something that I have been meaning to include in my site. I create an abundance of graphic images, motivational arts, and have been practicing on some sketches I wish to share. I was struggling to figure out where it will fit in. Now I notice with this new setup, this will fit right in with the whole update.

Other Things

Everything addressed will be the focus, but I will include many items as I go along. This site is the brain map of how my mind functions. Hopefully, you can play catch up. I am a fan of change and flexibility, so nothing is forever set into stone.

It is vital that you sign up for the newsletter as I will start dropping out the routine newsletter to keep people updated with all going on in my life, current reviews, and many more.