What You Will Find Here

I have reduced the amount of my workload so this will be my primary and only website now. Anything else carrying my brand is not me.

Book Reviews

Edit: July 18, 2020

Written below was the original intention, but this site has been demonetized, so review will be less frequent.

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As most of you learn, I created my book reviews on Kindle Corners (which is apparently the reason you are here since I have forwarded the domain), but it was distracting to travel between five websites so I am moving all the analyses here! I will continue to promote my reviews on the platforms I have been sharing my work, which is Goodreads, Amazon reviews, and Reedsy. I will cease working on Twitter.


Yes. I am applying this site to distribute journal-style blogging, something that I seldom see anymore. I connect the themes to lifestyle conversations. Oh, there are plenty of subjects to share. The world has a good deal of issues I wish to talk about, which will be entertaining.

Plus, I will share here my freelance tips and tricks.

Story Updates

By fixating on one website now, I will update people on my drafted stories. I have a good deal of novels to chat about. Maybe it can benefit someone who has a writer’s block.


Review Cast is a podcast review project that I have been working on. I will share it throughout the week. Again with fewer to worry about, I will concentrate on more editing and writing.

Photo Story

This is something that I have been meaning to include to my site. I create an abundance of graphic image, motivational arts, and have been practicing on some sketches I wish to share. I was struggling to figure out where it will fit in. Now I notice with this new set up, this will fit right in with the whole update.

Other Things

Everything addressed will be the focus but I will include many items as I go along. This site is the brain map of how my mind functions. Hopefully, you can play catch up. I am a fan of change and flexibility, so nothing is forever set into stone.

It is vital that you sign up for the newsletter as I will start dropping out the routine newsletter to keep people updated with all going on in my life, current reviews, and many more.