What is my Enneagram?

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After going through my Facebook before deleting the account, I came across this post. The day I found out about my Enneagram. Years later, I still test out with the same type. So what is my Enneagram?

It is interesting because people who are well educated on this personality testing always told me that as you change, so will your numbers. This is the adaptable personality tests, and they base it on your desires in life.

If that is true, I guess my desires never changed.

Just for fun. This is what I noted.

Enneagram 7w8 – The Enthusiast

April 29, 2015 at 4:06 AM

Pleasure seekers and planners in search of distraction

People of this personality type are essentially concerned that their lives be an exciting adventure. Sevens are future-oriented, restless people who are generally convinced that something better is just around the corner. They are quick thinkers who have a great deal of energy and who make lots of plans. They are extroverted, multi-talented, creative, and open-minded. They are enthusiasts who enjoy the pleasures of the senses and who don’t believe in any form of self-denial.

Sevens are practical people who have multiple skills. They know how to network and to promote themselves and their interests. They often have an entrepreneurial spirit and can convey their enthusiasm to those with whom they come in contact. When they can focus their talents, they are often highly successful. Focusing does not always come easily for Sevens, however. Their tendency to believe that something better awaits them makes them reluctant to narrow down their options or to pursue their aims with true devotion.

The central problem for Sevens is that their pursuit of pleasure is compulsive. Sevens are fear types who are specifically afraid of the power of negative states of mind. These they avoid by seeking distractions in the external environment: by multi-tasking, by keeping their options open, by engaging in stimulation seeking of all kinds. For this reason, Sevens are more prone than most to addictions of all sorts, whether it be to shopping, gambling, drugs, or whatever.

Sevens usually have a high opinion of themselves and their talents; they focus on their strengths and virtues and to downplay their flaws and vices. They are often self-centered, which manifests in an unfounded feeling of entitlement. As Sevens don’t want to confront their own darker emotions, they also have difficulty acknowledging the pain that others experience, so they sometimes have a hard time seeing the reality of other people. The extent of the Seven’s flight from negative emotions is really a measure of the Seven’s mental health; the more that the Seven flee from them, the more their strength grows and the more likely they are to erupt into consciousness in the form of an anxiety disorder or a severe depressive episode.

As they are outward-looking and not especially prone to introspection, it is not uncommon for Sevens to mistype themselves. Sometimes they mistype as Eights, as Sevens too can domineer, especially if Eight is the dominant wing. But Eights are not anxious, and they lack the quick mental energy characteristic of the Seven. Sevens can easily mistype as Threes, but Threes are much more single-minded than Sevens and don’t suffer from the desire to keep all options open. Sevens can mistype as Fours. When they recognize the disparity between the optimistic, fun-loving persona that they project to the world and their own, often anxious internal mental states, they can confuse their pain with the melancholia of type Four. Sevens are in flight from this pain, however, whereas Fours often cultivate their negative mental states.

My Thoughts

I forgot where I got that passage for the result since I wrote this a while back, so I can’t give them credit. If you are the writer, let me know.

I can say that I can agree with most of what it says. I have issues with boredom, which is why I have many projects lined up. I complete them on my time, so I never feel rushed. I have so many things that I can go back to finish anytime that I feel I am in the mood for. I may have problems with boredom, but I satisfy it easily, which is why most people would never notice that side of me.

The only thing that I disagree with is the anxiety. I have never experienced it.

If you would like to find out about your Enneagram, click the link below and take a free test! If you would like to read more about my finding on Enneagram, let me know in the comments below.

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