Website Established Yet?

Today I am on my way to finish setting up my website the way I want it to look: this site for personal blogging with a touch of book reviews and my other site, Life under 100 as a more impactful money, motivation, and personal development blog.

Edit: August 21, 2020

Life Under 100 has shifted focus to a unique area. Find out what you can expect on the website by clicking the link below.

I am satisfied, but there is still some work left to do.

Articles Completed Today

I have been working on some reviews for surveys on Life Under 100 and some motivational pieces. You can check them out by clicking the link below.

♡ Pre-Social Media Era

♡ Qmee Review | Is Qmee Legit?

♡ SOTG Review | Daily Survey Panel

There is more to come for those who are looking for products and ways to make money for free or under $100. That is basically what the site is about. Life under a hundred years old and products under one hundred bucks. It is simple if you ask me.

My Social Media Dystopia

The other thing that I am working on is deleting my social media presence because I am finding a less use for it. Everything I do on social media can be done on my website from photo sharing, daily updates, and more writing in my voice.

I have finally come to terms with deleting my Facebook. Next on the list is a TON of social networks that I have been on for ages. I honestly do not feel too bad about making this decision, which only means that I am not as emotionally connected to it. I have more things in life that I cherish, and I store away those in a folder than I will share pieces of.

If you have not already, sign up for the newsletter so I can flood your inbox with my stories.

Spending More Time on Surveys

I dislike sitting around and do nothing. I think that is my problem. I enjoy relaxing, but each minute wasted can make money somewhere. That is why I have been sitting around making extra money doing surveys.

You will get a ton of updates on how I am doing so sit back and relax. I like watching money grow and I am sure you enjoy the transparency as this is something that you can do. We will tally up exactly how long I worked on these surveys and how much I made.

Those who complain that these things do not work are usually the same people who do not want to put any effort into it or want a get rich quick plan. Not me. I am patient. Okay, let us get into the fun part. The Surveys!

Survey on the Go (SOTG)

I cashed out my second amount today and it is sitting nicely in my Amazon wallet. Maybe I will save up and buy a puppy. Do they sell puppies on Amazon? I will settle for an Alienware. How long until I can get it?


I do not think I will work on Qmee anymore. They left me on inadequate terms this week. Check out the experience that I had with them by reading my previous article here.

Related Article: Qmee Review | Is Qmee Legit

Kind of sad if you ask me. I was so enthusiastic about their program, too, but if the people working on their customer service team is that incomprehensive, I do not know how they could help me on survey issues.

Survey Junkie

Redeeming my points for the first time with Survey Junkie, just to see how fast it goes into the account. It did not take long and the verification process to connect PayPal to the account was perfect.

Survey Junkie will be offline for about 20 minutes tonight, but that’s fine. I’ll dedicate a good time to work on this site. It didn’t take long to reach the goal.


I was planning on completing 99 tasks before the end of the night before I was rudely interrupted, so I hope I am in a better mood later tonight to complete this.

My Day Well Spent

Well, damn! It was and is still hot as hell outside. There really is not room to breathe, which gave me a reason to stay indoors and just write. I want to watch a movie tonight, but I do not know what to watch. My wonderful friend recommended Ozark, so maybe I will look at it tonight before getting into some reading in bed.

If I watch it, I will keep you updated.

I planned on doing a lot of work tonight to watch my numbers grow for the morning. Before I run off and escape the rest of the world, I ask if anyone needs me for anything.

No? Okay. I am away until further notice.

About thirty minutes into warming up, I am always rudely interrupted. Whether it is a change of mind about needing my help, my attention, or just stupid things.

The reason I ask ahead of time is that the minute I say no to these individuals, they make it seem like I just ruined their day, running off scoffing like a child. Do you know how annoying and mentally irritating that is?

Unfortunately, that never seems obvious to people with a selfish mentality or those who do not understand the value of time. Now my night is ruined and I have to figure out how I can get back into my work mode.

When people put me in this mood, my insomnia kicks in because I become anxious about when that door will get knocked on or pushed open just for someone to ask me, “Is there something stuck in my teeth??” Or the latest one. “I have a pimple on my back. Can you pop it for me?” They asked me this in the middle of a podcast meeting.

Who the hell needs kids when you have very needy adults in your household? This is also why I need a dedicated workspace with a lock and a neon flashing sign outside the door that says, “DO NOT FUCKIN ENTER!”

I highly doubt that would deter any actions because when you work from home, people don’t see that you are working. They believe you have all the time in the world to entertain them. In my case, “Entertain me and when I am asleep, go do what you need to do!”

Sadly, people would rather I lose sleep than to support my efforts.

That is basically all I have for right now. I will be out and about trying to add some more money into my time well spent. Ciao!

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