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Website Demonetized

I woke up this morning to find out that my website is demonetized. So what happens when your website loses monetization? You can’t run ads and it is useless to keep the website running because you will have a harder time getting your page ranked.

So What Now?

According to Adsense, I do not have valuable content here. Book reviewing is not something that adds value to the search engine ecosystem. It won’t stop me from reviewing books but since I post articles to help freelancers and write about actual money, I have taken the liberty to create another website focusing on that.


It is all about the topics that will get you ranked. Imagine if I post up ten articles on money and online business but I post up thirty book reviews. Which one do you think will rank higher for this site?

Advertisers normally do not place ads on a diary, a journal, or a personal blog. They want a niche site. I already knew that but I thought I can even the playing field by writing the same amount of articles and the same amount of book reviews. That did not work.

It is good I am getting this message now while I am still branding. It would be painful to go through this once I wrote a thousand articles.

Now I can just use this site for my personal blogging which includes book reviews, life hacks, and daily updates (as planned) and use my other site focusing on business, product and software reviews, money, and helping others build a digital image.

Therefore, my survey diary will also move over there. I’ll have the website linked once I have completed the design.

I thought I finished fixing websites two days ago. I guess that is something that I cannot get away from. Story of My Life.

We will talk more about the reason for demonetization and what my theory on all this is. Plus, Google is not my only ad revenue connection. There is more and I will discuss that over on the other side.

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