Traditional v. Remote Work

Regardless of where your stance in life is, when someone says they have a less traditional role for work, people assume you are not in the workforce. Traditional work is more stable in the eyes of many people while remote work is just a hobby. That is why we have so many dislikes the rags to riches stories.

Such a lucky talentless person. How come I can’t get that lucky?

These are things that you will hear if you work in a freelance or ‘remote position’ and make more money than them.

Sorry to break it to you. It takes discipline and talent to work for yourself and earn a living. Here are some reasons, but first, let’s venture into these talentless positions.

What Classifies As Remote Work

Freelancing has been around for a long time. It is just hyped up because of the advancement in technology. A freelancer is a free agent who gets paid for their work and not just their time. It can be an onetime fee or a contract. Musicians and actors are all freelancers. The money comes in when they complete their job.

Therefore, people hate the job itself because you have individuals who are rich and most don’t look like they have any talent.

The fact of the matter is, they went after this dream. Their first thought was like mine when I started freelancing. I don’t like to settle for work and I need constant change while making money while I sleep.

Actors act. They make movies to entertain you. Whether their actor is superb is subjective. Musicians make music and perform for crowds. They get paid for their projects and through the love of fans all around the world. Writers write. Most things in this world will bore without a writer. Someone writes the TV series that you watch and the book you indulge in. Writers have more options than musicians and actors with picking up gigs.

Magazines are always looking for writers. They can self-publish now. They can also pitch a story to turn into a film or a sitcom. In their spare time, they can also create a blog like I am doing and make some money from there.

Each gig also needs to understanding marketing and promotion. If they do not, there is also a job for that too. Most marketers and agents are freelancers. Interesting, right? Anyone who works for themselves who does not get a steady paycheck and collects royalty is a free agent.

Remote Versus Tradition

The question remains on why people would judge anyone who works remotely or as a free agent in opposition to working the traditional 9 to 5 jobs.

Freedom is a very important aspect of this choice, but it comes with a price. If you do not know how to manage your free time, you will fail and become one statistic online bitching about how a certain business model does not work.

Financial freedom is second. It doesn’t happen overnight, but once you build a brand, enough exposure, and understand how to market yourself, you will achieve financial freedom. No. I am not selling an online webinar or course on how to gain financial freedom. I will tell you about my experience with financial freedom because it is there, and it is not for someone who is impatient.

Remote working (not for a company but for yourself) requires a hustler mindset. Someone who does not mind going above and beyond to put their plans into action. Some work nights will be long and you will not see any pay until a few months later, but it will be worth it all.

My job is like a YouTuber except in writing. I get paid for the traffic. I don’t have a boss. I have to create quality content to get paid. Releasing just one blog or article a day will not get me anywhere. If I put out two or three contents every day, I will please the algorithms and then I will see incentives.

This requires a strategy, and I have worked through several tactics with one working out very well.

Working for yourself, you will research fresh ways to improve. You do not have a team to help you figure these things out. If you are not willing to learn, you will not be growing. My nights comprise coming up with fresh ideas, drawing out the perfect graphic, drafting, editing, publishing, and promoting. Then I repeat it again the next day.

If I was working in a traditional environment, departments will divide the task and then an editor will be the last one to say yes or no to publishing. It may not even fit the standards of your liking, but you cannot say anything about it. Plus the traditional settings come with requirements and rules. It takes away your personal voice.

That’s with any traditional job. You cannot be who you are, but you get paid by following the rules of others.

You have an allotted time to complete a task while in the freelance world, you can set your own schedule. Just follow a deadline for yourself and you should be fine. I’ll make another post on how to set up a deadline while working from home.

My family is still not supportive of my remote gig even after twenty years. To them, this is just a hobby. They believe that if you do not have a boss; you are not working. If you do not have an office space, this is not a job.

I work in bed. That’s my office space.

Some Remote Works That I Do

While we are discussing remote work, let me give you some ideas of work that you can do to earn some money without a degree.


Setting up a site is simple. The toughest part works out what you prefer to blog about. My recommendation is to figure out what you can talk about without growing bored. This is the advice that I gave a few people, which helped them.

Before bedtime, draft three actions that you enjoy doing. The minute when you wake up, glance at that list, and identify which one you prefer to do that day. If they look like chores, you will never be engaged in writing about it. If one of them captures your attention, branch out three more points covering that matter.

Sleep on that plan and wake up again to that note. Determine if it is something that comes easy to you. Maintain this process for a week and begin practicing on it. You will teach yourself to continue developing into an authority in this subject. In a little time, you will share tips and tricks on this subject.

Do not invest in a domain or website until you are confident because the first name you want for your site will be what you prefer to identify your passion with. If you want to understand further about earning a living by blogging, let me know in the comments below and I will construct an article for you!


Anybody who identifies writing as a chore but wishes to voice their views, opt in to grow into a YouTuber. Setting up a channel is easy. Identifying a niche that works is another story. It can become a struggle. YouTube is a little different from blogging. The platform includes a lot of conditions and regulations to adhere to. One offensive action and you can lose everything.

Don’t be discourage.

Concentrate on designing the strongest content and you will rise in no time. I would propose trying out some classes on Skillshare and get motivated on video editing and some brilliant hacks on improvement from other YouTubers. Click the link below to join Skillshare and get two months free.

Join SkillShare

You can also check out TubeBuddy to get motivated through a community that focuses on YouTube growth.

Join TubeBuddy


This one is fresh to me, and I am reveling in it. There is an abundance of different platforms that you can choose from to start your initial podcast. If you prefer to get your foot wet, I would recommend using Anchor.FM because it is free. You can monetize your podcast right away through Anchor and it is audience supported. You get paid through listenership.

You can check out my podcast which is getting rebranded but this will provide you a view of how easy it is to establish a podcast.

Making money online does not develop overnight, but if you apply the resources accessible for you, it will work. Trust me on that. If you would love more tips and tricks, drop your comment on and I will create an article specifically for you! I am here to support your choice to grow an online lifestyle and become financially independent!

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