The First Chapter Teaser

This is the initial Chapter Teaser from the last article I wrote called, “A Novel Summary of the Unfinished Story.” Head on over to see how this teaser came about.

Let’s Keep This Going

July 25, 2010 at 12:53 AM

Sadness filled the grey skies above as Riley Sawyer watch her father remained there in silence. She was afraid to say a word, for she was young to grasp what was going on. At five, she could hardly reach his hip.

Don Sawyer was erecting at five foot seven, brown hair, and natural light hazel eyes. Those eyes used to smile for him, but today, it looks glassy and half empty. 

Riley pulled at his shirt, wishing to beg “what’s wrong?” She was scared too.

He didn’t budge. She knows her father is not an irritable man, so there was no reason to be frightened. It was just something about him that day that told her to just wait. It was raining hard. Yes. Maybe it was the rainfall. Rain can drench emotions without trying. What she didn’t realize was, this will be the start of something she learned she will dread for the rest of her life. That rain may never stop falling.


The radiations of sunlight hit Riley in the face. The thump of car doors woke her up. How long was she asleep?

 “We’re here.” The lady declared. She opened the door where Riley had relaxed her head. It took her a moment to realize it was her mother. Mildred.

She almost forgot about her arrival just about an hour ago. That trip was the beginning of a new life. A life she did not expect.

“Don’t just sit there,” Mildred said in a bitter tone. “Bring your stuff inside.” She murmured something as she goes further away from the truck.

Riley took a minute to stretch out. She made her progress to the tail of the ford pick up truck. Two heavy luggage waiting for her against the pipe. Hicks Chick plastered beside the tail light. This truck must be mother dearest’. 

“Need some help there?” A middle-aged guy, who looks no older than forty, appeared beside her. His jet black hair over a pale face reminded her of Michael Myers, a killer from the film Halloween. He grinned. “You must be Riley.” He extended his hand. She took it and nod. “I’m Jim. It is nice to meet you. I’ve heard so much about you.”

Riley smiled. Ah, Jim. Right. She knew of him. He’s the man who started all this. It was preposterous that he learned anything. This was the first time she’s seen her mother since she was five. Guess this is where it all happened, huh? This was my mother’s reason for prosperity.

Jim had dragged one of the luggage and point the way. She followed him, heading towards this massive white house that stood two stories tall. It looks at about three. The front porch connecting the entire household together looks freshly painted. Two rocking chairs took place on the far left side of the front door.

His and hers. Lets grow old together rocking chairs.

She chuckled at the thought of it. Her father used to say things like that when he sees furniture’s in a pair.

The wind chime hummed as she got closer to the door. It was in the carving of two doves kissing. The four long metallic pipes were clanging with one another. This sure looks like a lively home. It saddens her.

“Your stuff is upstairs in front of your room.” Jim’s voice returned her back to existence. “Riley?”

“Thank you.” She walks in slowly, like an unwelcome visitor. The foyer was monstrous. The staircase was to the right with white banisters that shoot up to an opening of the upper level. “Wow. This is an enormous home.” She said practically in a whisper. Compared to what she and Don were living in, this was a dream mansion.

Don and Riley were living in an eight hundred square foot apartment on top of two meth heads who argued throughout the night. That was all Don can afford in the city of brotherly love.

The kitchen was to her far left and the family room lies just ahead of her. A large picture of Mildred and Jim appeared visible from where she was standing. They draped it above a fireplace where the lounge was. The foyer looks empty with just a table in the room’s heart. A flower centerpiece took the resident on the miniature counter. The crowning along the walls was enough decoration needed in that space.

Riley admired the picture frames of family members, maybe Jim’s, that were hanging vertically to the stairs leading up. She searches to see if there were any familiar faces. Sad to say, there was nothing. She was expecting to discover a missing baby picture of her. Nothing. She did not exist.

“Your mother and I build this house together 10 years ago after my grandpa died. He gave us this land.” Jim said.


Mildred walks into the room, hands-on hip. Riley has to admit that this lady scares her. She didn’t give off a friendly vibe. “I suggest you go get some rest. You’ve had quite a trip there, young lady.”

Riley felt that it was more of an order than a recommendation. She didn’t respond and just started ascending the stair. “It’s the last room all the way down the hall. You can’t miss it. It’s the only door.” Then she withdrew back into the other room.

Yes, mom.

She saw that Jim already rested both her suitcases in front of the room. It didn’t take her long to locate it. She imagined hanging a “DO NOT ENTER” note above the white outline of the door. Then late at night, she would blast loud rock music, waking up her mother and Jim. They would then accuse her of being an unruly youngster. Her father’s face materialized, and she knew he wouldn’t be pleased.

“I didn’t raise you to be unpleasant, sweetheart,” was what Don would tell her when she feels the desire to do something she might regret.

Her new room cries out for privacy. The windows on both walls meet the back. It looks very remote. Its early evening and the sunlight was right above her room. She can see the top of trees from outside her window. Behind those trees lie more trees. It was a sea of branches and huge hedges. She recognizes that there was a passage back there that looks like it leads to some place. Maybe a neighbor’s yard? She searched further and acknowledge that there were no other homes around. They were all alone. If Mike Myers entered the house in the night’s midst and slash her throat, no one would find out. Not even Mildred and Jim, since their room is a galaxy away.

“Here are some sheets for your bed,” Jim spoke as he tapped on the door. She was standing in front of the window staring back at Jim, not speaking. He stepped in and set it on the bed as a peace offering. Then he spun to walk away but stop. “Are you hungry?”

She wanted to say no, but her stomach answered for her. “A little.” Riley started rubbing on it as if to tell it to shut up.

“Your mom didn’t bother cooking tonight. She just took off. How about we snatch a bite to eat?” 

Riley nodded in response.

“I’ll wait downstairs in the truck.” Jim stepped out. It didn’t take Riley long to get ready. She had managed a quick change of clothes and found him outside.

After Writing This

I need to complete this novel. I owe it to myself. I have been running from this for a while. As pointed out in my previous post, this is a book that is a dedication to many people in my life. To carry on, I need to fulfill this aim.

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