Tackling the Words

If you have been hiding under a rock these past few months, then I guess hearing that most parts of the world are hiding from a crazy virus must be news. Instead of being scared, keep yourself occupied until further notice.

I will use this moment of isolation to complete a bunch of my writing projects. I’ll be spending this next few days finishing up Contents of Affair, a story I have been working on since November 2019.

This story follows Sydney as she follows her dream as a MeTuber. She was recognized as a growing channel and was invited to the biggest meet and greet conference so she took the offer. Sydney crossed paths with the biggest creator on the platform, Pietro. They fell into instant attraction almost immediately.

Pietro is engaged to be married.

That was not the only problem they were facing. They were facing the backlash of cancel culture.

With the growth of YouTube and how canceled culture seems to attach itself to this platform more so than Twitter, it piqued my interest and I knew I had to write this story. I base no characters in this story on anyone. It is all part of my imagination. Some names may come close to one of your favorite creators but there is no correlation.

Brain Dump

I feel like it would be a smart move to keep all my thoughts collected into a blog just in case I have to revisit what I jot down amid an update. If I do not do this, I’ll have a ton of papers lying around unorganized. Plus, I am running out of room on my SD card and my cloud accounts. I have about 17 accounts, all used for writing and graphics.

To sum it all up, I am hoping to finish this draft soon because I have more stories that I want to share. Stay tuned and stay updated!