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Social Media is Getting Boring

Recently, I have been straying further and further away from social media. I have been deleting accounts from left to right. Social media hasn’t been interesting as of late. I was excited about social media before because picking the brains of others was mentally stimulating.

Today’s social media crowd is as dumb as a rock.

Change my mind!

Every conversation I have is like talking to a toddler. I don’t even like kids. I don’t like adults either. Fuck it. I just don’t like stupid people. The question is if you have an online business, can it survive without the use of social media?

It has been for a long time, so why would that change? Instead of social media target audience, I’ll be attracting an audience that is searching for the things I am offering.

That day will come when I will self-delete all my accounts and disappear off social media. The only place where you will find me is here. It is happening soon.

Mental Stimulation

It is definitely hard to get that when you are surrounded by people who have shallow thoughts. I used social media as an escape from real life shallowness but now they have found me online. Then when I find someone intellectually interesting, they have the personality of a couch. Plus, most of those people have no sense of humor and way too serious to have a text conversation.

That’s why I am just going to create my little bubble of stimulation on this site and others that I manage.

I have no problem entertaining myself. I honestly don’t need anyone to help me in that department. I just wanted it when I was searching for it. Then I realize no one is more entertaining than me. I’ll go make myself laugh in the corner now lol.

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New Here?

I will have to ask that question since I will work harder on getting my websites recognized. It’s nice to have a space of your own and just write. Being on social media, you are following other people’s rules. On my site, I play by my own games. Yes, that is the best approach. I hate rules.

But yeah, just an update since I haven’t written in so long. I have been working on several product reviews specifically for websites only! I am not working on any YouTube content lately because I feel like that is going nowhere. I don’t like investing time in things with no future.

This is where I am at and where you can find me! Sign up for the newsletter!

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