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Book Review Right Next Door
Right Next Door
John and Marcy Stanley moved to The Coves for the quiet life. When the two meet the couple next door, they think they’ve struck neighbor gold. Jill and Marcy become fast friends, but It isn’t until Marcy receives an ominous letter that she begins to suspect Jill’s husband, Mark of hiding something. Something dark. Something violent. Shannon Vogle was the victim of an elaborate kidnapping. After being set free, she becomes obsessed with finding the…

My Review on Goodreads

This was quite an interesting read. I would have finished this book 10 hours ago but unlike Marcy, my husband likes to pull me away from my escapism. I can repeat what this book is about, but I’m sure before you purchased it, you have read it.

The detailed experience of the captivity was very riveting, and it drags you to that moment. You can feel the pain, torment, the angst, and the desperation.

It was hard to grip the twist. Which is why I gave this book a four-star? How have you been in the mind of these two but can only understand one? Yes, I’m aware there are secrets, but if it is a one-person narrative, it makes it hard to believe that these two have traded places that easily.

I had it figured out during the fire, though only because nothing else made sense. Overall, the book is enjoyable and I’m sure you will like it, if not, love it.

What I Should Have Added

I downloaded this book through Amazon Prime First Read and although my Goodreads review was a little puzzling. Allow me to add some value to my insight.

This book is about captivity and suspense. In the beginning, they have introduced you to someone who just woke up trapped and describing the confusion. The story talks about a couple moving into their new home and happily married. Without going too much into details because every detail revealed will give you an idea of how the book ended and we are not fans of spoilers. We want you to get an understanding of the story the way it was supposed to be read.

Montgomery did a splendid job putting together the suspense so that readers can continue to turn the page. As much as I wanted to give it a five star, I had to give it a four because of how the story ended. I love twists, but the twist was not something that I would say was the best? I get it. It is about karma and feels vindicated for all wrongs that were done to you.

Reading it to the end, you really don’t know whether the true victim was right to do what they did, or they betrayed you. I would have to say the mixed messages were like a broken heart. Then there is not being able to trust anyone and circumstantial situations that can turn anyone into a mad psycho. The question would be, who is psychotic in this book? Which situation was right or wrong? Was it the accident mentioned that took away the child? Was it the kidnapping and captivity? Was it the revenge plot?

Overall, the story has a great stretch of suspense, but the ending would be a hit or miss for the readers. For me, it was a miss.

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