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Book Review How to be Poor
Book Review How to be poor
Recently, I became poor. It's disgusting, and it means God loves me less than He loves you. I know my tragic penury won't last forever, but in case you, too, have been fired for something you said, or de-platformed for something you believe, or were just abruptly cut off from your trust fund, this book will explain how to navigate life when you are unexpectedly yanked from privilege and told to, err, earn a living.…

My Original Goodreads Review

Even When You’re Poor, Always Maintain the Hair.

I bought this book to support my gay husband, Milo haha. (That was a joke. Just means I like this man as an individual. He’s not my husband.) Besides the fact that I have so much love for his writing, his work, and his energy, I have to say that I didn’t feel bad for what he went through. Yes, it sucks, and reading it made me feel angrier for him. I know he will get back on his feet and return the favor to everyone who left him for dead. This book will have you laughing at his tangent. Milo introduces you to his hair, how he maintains it, and you will learn novel ways to insult people.

After Feminism is cancer, Milo should write an autobiography called “Scandalous: a Savage Milo Story.” If that ever happens I better get credit haha. I gave it five stars because, for Milo, I am biased lol. Everyone falls down, but if you continue to take the hit and never fight back, you’re the only person at fault for future failures.

What I Should Have Added

After re-reading my review for my personal website, I realize the review sounds too personal and I should have added that the reason for the five-star review on Goodreads was for the lesson in the book. We should always prepare you should always for every catastrophic event in life. Just like the current situation with the pandemic.

Milo was living the extravagant lifestyle thinking he was untouchable until he realizes when someone in his position falls, they fall harder. He forgot how it was to live an average life and learning at his age was suicidal or a great realization. I am glad he took this as enlightenment and didn’t victimize himself.

He’s not the most liked person, but no one should have their life ruined for being a mean individual. My message to Milo would be to continue standing strong, and I am sure he will play the game of life a lot smarter soon. This book will be great if you are reading it for the message imposed and not through the lens of hatred. If you are a supporter of Milo, this book will make you laugh. His humor is written all over the book.

I recommend reading this in his voice. It’s hilarious.

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