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A Chance In Time
One widow...One time traveler...Two lonely hearts connecting for a moment in time...One day Penelope Jordan finds a man who's on the brink of death and nurses him back to health. Over time, he brings out the woman that the harsh prairie made her forget she once was, and soon she falls in love with him.But will he stay with her time...or will he return to the future? This book is approximately 20,000 words long…

My Review on Goodreads

I finished this book the other night and failed to realize that there is a Book one. This is not it.
Back to the Basic.

So this story is about Penelope, who lives in the prairie all by herself in the 1800s after her husband died. She found and fell in love with Cole, who is a time traveler. She basically found him in a state where she nursed him back to health.

I didn’t care too much for Penelope because she just sounded desperately lonely. I want to know more about the time traveler guy because his past sounded bad, yet interesting. Then there was the ending where Cole was once so afraid of someone chasing him and he ended up facing this person without fear… And end up back to where he wanted to be, giving up the one thing that he kept saying will kill him if he’s caught with it.

Uh yeah. The feeling was so over-exaggerated haha. Then there’s the Sioux and how Penelope did not understand how to understand the language when she spoke to “Martha” but she could communicate with Martha’s father at the end.

I think I’ll need more convincing by reading the other books in the series.

What I Should Have Added

After re-reading my review on Goodreads, I realize I didn’t add value to any of my points which is a horrible way to review anything and I apologize to the writer for that. I should have discussed why I rated this book a two-star.

Penelope speaks about the loss of her husband, who she left her privileged life to be with. He was everything to her and during that era, a man was the breadwinner and he takes care of all the obligation while the wife keeps the home a house. During his untimely death, Penelope had to learn to be sufficient. You can tell that she misses him because everything was falling apart on the property.

Then she met him, the time traveler. I didn’t go back to pull up his name so I will call him ‘the time traveler.’ She nursed him back to health and in return for her kindness, he started working on the property. Penelope was falling in love with him, and I got the impression that she only fell in love because she was secretly very lonely. That’s how most people found love back in the days, right? Find the first loneliest person and fix up their property, you’ll get married in no time.

Okay, on to the rating. As mentioned above, I was not aware that this was part of a series. I read this because it was free. This explains why I was so confused when Martha came into the picture. The writer wrote her in too quickly, but she kind of nudged at us as if we were supposed to know what happened to her before we met Penelope. If there were a little more introduction and character build-up, it would increase the chances in my rating spectrum. Now as for pacing, it was a little slow, but it was jumping around a lot. Again, probably rushing to get through this story because it may have substance for the next book, considering how short this was. There were mentions of it being rated R, but it’s not much of erotica. Just the description of personal parts that could have easily been told without it being listed as an adult novel.

I would need to get back to book one and read it from the beginning because book two was confusing. I have read many books out of order before, but the writer always blended all books perfectly. There is really nothing more to say, but this book would not be for anyone who wants a strong female lead.

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