Pre-Social Media Era

I was deliberating on this for a while and I concluded that I am going back to the pre-social media era. I announced to my social network that they can continue to stay in touch by signing up for my newsletter.

I don’t know how many would but hey, fair warning that I will not be on social media any longer.

Most of you will read this, most of you won’t but those who did. I applaud you. Consider this my love letter to you. 💗 I have been all over social media since 1998! I had every account and been through every culture war.

Cancel culture back then will cost you money. You had to pay to be online so when you get reported you lose all internet privileges lol.

Anyway, we’re not talking about poor companies right now.

Dear friends of social media. I’m going off the grid of social media. All my updates will be on my websites only from this day forward.

I’m getting rid of it all only because I have no use for it anymore. I’m happier not giving a shit what other people think. I’m tired of censorship. The only place online that stayed uncensored is my platform.

Most of you won’t do this but if you do, kudos. Put yourself in my mailing list on my website and I’ll be updating you through my emails. I have travel plans. My thoughts are more open for you to observe, plus many more.

Now if you don’t want to continue keeping in touch or miss this memo, then it’s a goodbye. Nice to know ya. Soul is going sailing!

Going Off the Grid

I guess you can call it that since social media has created a world and society different from the one we wake up to every morning. Everyone has an alter ego, and it shows under the disguise of a username. 

Those who are usually loud online are quiet off. Those who stay loud ruin the conversation for most of us.

Humor is a crime in this world. If you show any signs of finding anything relatively funny, that is unfunny to this society, you are punished by the online public opinion. The enormous tech giant is the judge of it, and they rarely play by the rules of the law of the land.

I will use my website to jot my thoughts and share my opinion from now on without having to deal with people’s propaganda. What they fear, they want you to feel the same. If you do not, you are not worthy of having an account or a platform on the internet.

Social Media Dystopia

This place was once a majestic place to escape and find people who share your same thoughts and values. I have observed internet culture since 1998. There are changes and the changes are made by people who want a place they can colonize.

Ironically, they all want to take down history, but yet they are repeating it through a cyber attack. Yes, I will write about this, so sign up for my newsletter. You’d be amazed at what I came up with.

Soon, having a social media account is just another form of tracing. If it’s free, there will be a catch. People these days don’t give out free things without needing something back. I came from a generation where sharing thoughts and ideas should be free. The only consequences of disagreeing are learning. I will never expose you to being who you want to be. I respect you civilly because your opinion is as important as the mind. It’s called respect.

If you found me here, that means you searched up something linked to this blog or you are part of the Word press readers’ group, so welcome! Follow my page and I will do the same for you.

Everyone else, sign up for the newsletter, and let’s stay connected.

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There is nothing more annoying than to find a website and read the same stories shared by so many people. Most likely these writers found a popular article, changed a few words, pretend to care about it, and then enjoy the traffic as it links back to them. Unfortunately, Soul dislike following the crowd. Niches? What is that? Being someone with a variety of interests is more entertaining than someone with a narrow perspective in life. Follow Soul for a variety of topics and let her share her life with you.

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