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The other day I was so excited because I thought I am finished messing around with the codes on my webpages. I was sure that I hit the satisfactory mark. Then Word Press sent me a notification that I was on a streak. I posted three days straight!

Then I realize my page was not indexed with Google Search Console (GSC). It is now by the time I post this because I worked on it for the last two days tirelessly, but that is not what this post is about.

Why is Indexing Important?

I will use this moment to give you a little education on indexing and website ownership.

Most people do not purchase a domain because they want to blog without an audience. If you are looking to share your thoughts for free, you can sign up for a free social media account and throw cautions to the wind. When you purchase a domain, you’re trying to get an audience because you are a business owner or you want many to view what you published.

By indexing your domain through GSC, you allow Google to crawl your page for updates and it will list your site in their search engine to attract new viewers. This is where your SEO keyword search becomes relevant. Basically, you will be filed and found when someone searches for something.

Continued Streak

Starting this week, I am hoping to continue on a longer streak. Hopefully, today will be the last distraction. I am checking off everything that needs to be done. This ensures that I can continue writing and focus.

I want to create a goal for each website, which will be posted on the side of the page. This week I will focus on what is important because September is coming up soon. Half the year is over and many things need to be completed.

I have so many things I want to share with you. I notice that my traffic is getting better once I corrected the index, so that is a good thing. That is a start and possibly the reason this website got demonetized. I must research this up more.

Sunday Readings

I’ll spend some time finishing the book (s) I started before this all started. I can’t wait to share my thoughts on these along with the hundreds of titles I completed this month!

Yeah, I have a problem reading one book the whole way through, so I greedily read about two or three. It’s just a habit of mine since the first time I started reading a novel. Habits are hard to break!

If you want to follow my read, here are the links to the books. You can check them out yourself and return for the review! That is the update for today. Let’s shift focus to that streak, shall we?

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