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Last Day of June | What Did I Learn

It is the last day of June, so what did I learn as we pass this year’s full speed ahead?

Besides the fact that we have a collection of idiots living amongst us in society, I have realized that I am the most patient woman in the world. People can send an egg my way and I’d just ditch it but look at it as it hit the ground in slow motion. Then walk elsewhere.

I can entertain humor. I can satisfy a debate. I don’t feel like entertaining people who do not understand humor nor do I care to dispute anyone who refuses to listen. You can say that I grew up. I am picking my battle. All for solid reasoning.

People love attention. I don’t like giving that away. Earn my attention.

Passing my Writing Goal

I pointed out to my followers that once I have wrapped up this website rebranding project, I will travel back into discussing my books, products, and software.

Wonderful news! I completed the project 75% of the way.

There were so many elements that Google hit me with in the last four months that need my attention, where I have to act or else, no capital was coming in. We can’t have that! Google did so many algorithm updates and they were adding new policies to how sites were monetized.

Just a little more way to go. Things will go right back to normal routines. I have been on this for two months, so just a little more and I am are set.

The Fate of my YouTube Channel

I don’t know what the future of my channel will be like. I lost interest in producing videos. I lost interest in viewing videos. That is something that I will have to reassess. Is it worth my time to keep making videos since I don’t think I will ever get monetize?

YouTube is a weird creature. It is encouraging a very toxic way of thinking. Who the heck wants to be around toxicity when you can do so much with your time and promote yourself.

I’ll stick to my blogs and analyses for now.

A New Month Begins

There is nothing worth glancing back for 2020. Everything is a chaos of irrational emotions, stimulation of entitled behavior, and an excellent reason to believe that not punishing your offspring will contribute to this toxic nature.

The only action we can make is to push forward and let people see that without conduct, there are no rules. Without guidelines, the wild west will rebound.

When I was reading about pilgrimage and the wild west back in the second grade, I was telling my teacher that it sounds magnificent. Lawlessness and no substantial politics.

Mr. Lucas, who also taught me Latin shook his head. He told me that’s an intention I should hope for. Without order, you will have rabid behavior. People will do as they want including hurting people and not be held liable for their efforts. There will be no legislation protecting societies. Fear will become inescapable.

Well, I guess my second-grade wish is becoming true. I am sorry I ever thought out loud.

Social Issues

I talk little about social issues. I choose not to engage until the mob mentality dispersed and individuals can communicate with reasoning and rationale. It is exasperating to continue against the crowd of emotional wreck. That’s like running into a ship sinking because you learn someone below deck is stuck. Halfway through while you are submerged in water, you’re like “Darn, I can’t swim.”

Now two people are dead.

Being heroic without a plan is being an idiot.

Everyone needs to find solutions and not just scream out ‘injustice’. What do you plan on doing about the injustice? Screaming, crying, burning down buildings, and destroying capitalism does not support solving injustice.

Your voice becomes just an echo in the background. Those you destroy will just mute you. Is that how people want to achieve their goals? Annoy others so much that no one wants to listen anymore?

Then when they are not heard, they will get louder in a rage. Since no one is listening, it will force them to listen.

That’s a toddler’s mentality and just like anyone who has disciplined a child, “We do not give in to childish threats. Go to your room and think about your actions!”

We have a Government who sits there wondering, “What am I going to do with these kids? I can’t send them to their room. They already burned it down.”

I will not offer any solution. This could have been prevented. Plus, I don’t care for kids. They’re annoying.

We have more enablers out there than we do problem solvers, so I’ll just have a glass of martini and turn off anything related to social issues. See how easy it is for me to just go on about my business?

July’s Hope

My entire strategy for July and any approaching month remains the same. My business model is to encourage those who wish to succeed. I am not in the market of promoting failed mentality and barbarism against the world because people feel life is cruel.

All I can do is hope they can see the clear skies and learn to make use of their time to enhance themselves, their family, and their future.

No one is the reason for anyone else’s declines and no one should breathe in fear because someone is miserable with their life. Negative breeds negative. Let’s all identify a solution to fend off those attitudes and hope it all goes away.

That’s my thought for today’s Dear Diary moment. I will check you out tomorrow!

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