Is Wearing Headphones in the House Rude?

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Today, I want to discuss an interesting topic that was brought to my attention. Is wearing headphones around the house rude?

I am guilty of listening to my music from morning to evening because of many reasons.

  • Music helps me concentrate. I work from home and do a lot of writing, so I am always getting in the mood by playing my latest playlist.
  • People in my house play their shows and video games at a max volume even though they know my situation
  • No one talks to me in this house anyway, so I figured I am not needed. Trust me, I walk around without my headphones on and everyone treats me like I am a ghost. Then once the headphone is on, That’s when they act as they need me.
  • My headphones cost me $300, so I am using them every chance that I get.

When I move around to do dishes, head outside for some air, laundry, and clean, I always have my headphones on. I listen to a lot of rock music, so I am sure no one who is alive in this house wants to hear it. They are into pop, dance, and folk music. Some of them think the profanity in rock music is rude and too vulgar.

What Do I Classify as Rude?

If Someone is Busy

If you see someone busy working and you enter the room to have a loud conversation on your phone. Especially conversations they are having about YOU! Instead of arguing with them, the headphones can separate the childish nature, don’t you think?

How about when you see someone busy and you play loud music in the background as if the person does not exist? I think that is ruder than someone with a headphone on.

Getting Agitated

If you see someone with a headphone on, it is obvious it occupies them with something that is playing. It does not mean you are less important than what is playing. It just means you have to tap their shoulder. Now if you are looking for a conversation and asked nicely but the person still has their headphones on, that would be rude.

When you act like someone’s attention should be on you at all times, not only does it make you look and sound like a selfish, entitled brat, it also shows that you have no clue how to talk to someone. Throwing a hissy fit and calling someone rude because they have on a headphone in the house makes it look like you are self-reflecting. No one owes you anything. Maybe this person has their headphones on for a reason. Maybe that reason is you.

Final Thoughts

Notice how I can only come up with two reasons for what I considered being rude? That’s how easy-going I am. You can bounce around the house, dance around, watch your own movies and videos while sitting next to me with headphones on. I don’t care.

If I need you, I would tap your shoulder, smile, and wait for your attention to focus on what I have to say.

I have no problem requesting for anyone’s attention. I am a person who has no problem texting you all night instead of calling you. I am a person who can email instead of bothering you with one question.

I am patient and nothing I need requires someone’s immediate attention. I can also do things to entertain myself. If you look busy, whether you’re reading, watching a video, or ignoring me on purpose, I won’t be that person to break you from that trance. Unless there is a fire and I need to get your attention to get you to jump out a window. Otherwise, I don’t think it is nice to call anyone rude, especially when they have on a $300 headphone and they seem to enjoy it.

Not everyone these days enjoys their toys anymore. So when I see someone enjoying something they bought and made use of it, I think it’s time to just let them have at it.

The only rude person in this whole scenario is the one who does not understand how to get someone’s attention if they think what they have to say is that important.

Back to my headphones. Bye felicia.

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