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Feels Like a Dear Diary Moment

It has been a week since I set up a fresh branding of my site. I feel more inspired to write every day. There are less disturbance and a chance to carry out on promoting my work to the platforms and audience. It provides me space to hook up and engage with others.

Dear Diary Moment

This sound so childish. I am certain most people have maintained a journal of their daily activities. If you have never, you are losing out.

Keeping a daily journal helps me with growth. I can analyze what I was feeling the week before and examine if there was any shift. Most likely, there were. I am a flexible person who changes often.

Along with my daily book reviews, tips and tricks, growth articles, and product reviews that you can discover on this site, I will share my daily progress and conflicts with you. I am a straightforward person who wants you to grow with me as I proceed along. It’s valuable.

I have established a mechanism and design to facilitate that. Don’t forget to sign up for my newsletter because I will send you a download that can encourage you with personal improvement.

I will also conduct random giveaways, send you discounts to help you get the right software you require for freelancing. I will send resources that you may find suitable.

Plans and Publishing

Jot and Draft

I do this throughout the day while I am doing other things like reading my kindle, watching a flick, cooking, and cleaning. You need not be on the computer all day to get through this. I carry a journal and a planner where I write my thoughts.

If I discovered a link online that prompts an idea, I bookmark it for later when I am ready to outline. I set up a precise hour to park down and run over everything that I considered throughout the day. It would be any hour between 3 PM until 5 PM. This will ensure that it will be ready to edit.

Edit and Create Graph

This is the entertaining part. Since I have what I require from earlier, I could create an excellent design to exhibit my work. Some of my articles do not involve extra arts. The thumbnail is good enough.

I find Canva very useful and quick. Heck, I can apply that on my phone.

If you are not acquainted with Canva, try it out. It comes with template graphs for just about everything that you need. Canva offers a free account, which I have been using for years! You can opt-in for the Canva premium which provides you more opportunities for illustrations.

Schedule for Publishing

Whatever I carried out on that day will be appointed for the next day. I am arranging it for a midnight upload. This will ensure that my blog is always present and producing.

I plan to publish at least five articles a day. If I come across a lot more items that I want to share, I will produce more. This method allows me to avoid writer’s block. I always have something to look forward to writing about.

Check out ProWritingAid for your editing needs.

I also use this app I found on Google Play Store called ATracker. It is free. Each time when I am ready to start an unfamiliar task, I would let it calculate how long I have been working on it. I have a competitive mindset where I am always trying to beat my record. ATracker graphs my daily task percentage, and it shows me how quick I have been working or whether I am lagging on certain things.

It’s a personal analytic for myself. It may be useful if you are interested in personal growth.

Sleep and Repeat

If you are anything like me, once you have scheduled your post, you’d be laying in bed reading a book and playing with your phone. While I am on my phone looking up information online, I will also bookmark what is useful for an article.

If I have an idea, I would jot it down in my email and send it to myself. This way, it will be the first thing I will see when I am awake in the morning. This makes drafting for the next day easy because I already know what I want to write about. All I have left is to edit and create that graph.

Easy peasy. It saves a lot of time researching the information that you may not like. It is good to sit on something and ask yourself why the topic was interesting to you. Remember, readers will enjoy what they are reading if you enjoy what you are sharing.

That is all I have for today. I will check you out later! Thanks for stopping by and thanks for reading my thoughts! Until next time, we meet again.

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