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Ending the Summer with Music

It is now August, and I felt like I haven’t written enough lately. Some people have occupied my time with several things that landed in front of me. Trust me. If I can avoid these ‘things’, I would gladly do so and write for my readers. Unfortunately, if I try to avoid them, the problem becomes much worst.

Anyway, I will not start this post with a negative tone.

It is August! We are halfway through 2020! Are you excited?

I’m not and I get excited over dumb stuff. I get excited the minute I avoid a trip and fall, that’s how easy it is for me. I am not so excited because every year is just another year. I know most people said that 2020 has been a rough ride for them, but I have felt no turbulence. I have been down that road and 2020 is a light wave in the sea of nothing burger.

I was on a mission deleting most of my useless social media account and then I realize that I can’t delete a few since I use their storage for pieces of my blog, such as Instagram. It is cheaper to upload the images and carry the URL over to my posts.

I haven’t been so active on Instagram, but I guess if I will upload more photos, I may as well become active again.

My Interest. My Writing.

I have been slacking on my book reviews even though I have read over a hundred books after my last review. Sometimes it is hard to take a break from reading just to enter writing mode. Once I have completed a book, I jump right into the next one. Sometimes I do it to ignore people around me and BAM! The book ends up great and here I am forgetting how to write a review. Yes, that is my legitimate excuse. Trust me. I will win in the court of law if you try to sue me.

I am adding a new writing material to my long list of diary entries.

I will enter my music journey. I have done so well not listening to music for a month because music and I are the worst of the enemy and the best of a friend. The minute I start a song, I am up for days. It is one of my guilty pleasure and I am not afraid to share that with you.

There are reasons for this mania! I have a history of music and how I cope with an abusive childhood through the lyrics.

I went through a very rough childhood where the person raising me truly believe that I am not her child, so she used to do everything possible to make my stay with her uncomfortable. I used to lay awake at night wondering what will she do to me while I sleep because she had done things to me that scared me awake at night. It is the reason for my insomnia, and I have been living with it all my life. I have embraced it so I can thank her for that since being up all night became one reason for my success.

Yes, there is a silver lining for everything.

It is now 2 AM and I am still awake so you know I am jamming to something good.

Yes, we will talk about music. We will talk about the stories. Then we will hop on over to my niche review site and talk about all the latest and greatest.

I’ll just leave this post with my open playlist for your enjoyment. Don’t forget to sign up for the newsletter to stay updated.