Easiest Way to Start a Website

This post may be extensive and will be part of many future posts. This was highly requested. I get this question daily from people who want to start a website or have one already established. “What is the easiest way to start a website and make money?”

Create Your Web Page

Start off by making a webpage. There are many places you can start one for cheap or even free. Whichever one you go with, you will need to think hard about what topic you want to cover. Everyone is an expert at something. There is a market for everything. Do some research and find out if there is an audience for you.

If you found nothing, that means you may have landed in a niche that was never introduced. Most people want to stick with what works, but if you are a risk-taker and want to start a new niche, go for it! Let no one tell you that your idea is anything less than great.

Here is a list of website hosts that you can check out that are free:

♡ Blogspot / Blogger

♡ Wix

♡ WordPress.com

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Ad Networks

The second question is, “Can I make money owning a website? I don’t want to write for free!”

No one does and yes, you will get paid to own your own website if you choose the right ad networks. We can dive into the world of advertisements, but I want to give you a deeper look into how each site pays you and the rules they have. Certain advertisers are great for certain niches, and if you create great content on that topic, your chances of getting paid would be swift.

I’ll just talk about my two favorite ones right now to get you started, but remember they are not your only options.

Google Adsense

With a program widely used across YouTube and many big companies, Adsense is highly trusted. You know they will always have a business waiting to slide into your native ad section of the blog.

The only issue with Adsense is that they are ‘picky’. One wrong word used on your website can cause you to lose partnership. Your website is manually reviewed, so whoever is reviewing your account is the person deciding whether your website fits the program.

Adsterra Ads

I just came across Adsterra recently and I love them! While Adsense requires your website to age and have a suitable amount of articles posted, Adsterra trusts you.

What I mean by that is, they will monetize you from the beginning. They have the same ad choices as Adsense and approve of adult contents. Something that Adsense refuses to do. Adsterra is like the Pornhub version of video sharing. It is free for all but don’t take advantage of it. Use it for your website.

By doing click bait, you can lose your advertisements, so pick your battle.

Google Ads Keyword Research

The next step is to establish a Google Ads account for Google Ads keyword research. You don’t have to buy ads, but this is a free tool to use if you want to get your website searchable.

You can also use it to plan your next article. Plus, we can use this across many platforms because Google is the leading search engine, which only means that anything listed in Google trends and keyword search is bound to be the best.

I will release more tips, tricks, and tutorials on this tool because by far, it is my favorite.


Another thing I kept hearing is, “I can’t write. What if I embarrass myself?”

Sometimes you have to step out of your comfort zone. Writing is a craft, but each writer has their own voice. If you are looking for help without judgment, I have a tool for you! This helps you build a substantial vocabulary library, your writing voice, and will become your editor or a second eye.

It will amaze you with this little tool in no time. This tool is free, but they offer a premium package with more benefits. I’ll create a new tutorial for this in a separate blog.

Also, if you enjoy sharing photography more than words, you can start a photography blog. You can edit your photo for free by using these two sites.



Now Let’s Calculate Your Start-up Cost

Cost One

♡ Blogger or WordPress.com

♡ Ad Network

♡ Free ProWritingAid

♡ Free Canva

♡ Free Photopea

  • Free!

Cost Two

♡ Blogger, WordPress.com, or WordPress.org

♡ Ad Network

♡ Free or Premium ProWritingAid

♡ Free Photopea

Between $60 – $100

Risk Free Funds

If you are afraid to lose any money because you don’t have any money at all, I have a solution for that too! You can build your start-up funds by working on some surveys! I covered that in an original article you can find here.

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