Book Review FAQ

Edit: July 18, 2020

Everything written below was the original intent of this site until I was demonetized.

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My reviews will be written in a diary format now and less frequently since this site will require some financial assistant but I prefer not to fixate on reviews for payment on this site. I want this site to be free for readers but to do so; I have to rank it to Google’s standards. They do not see book reviews as advertiser-friendly.

If you were here just for book reviews, there still will be some but this site will take a unique turn until my appeal for monetization is approved once again. Thanks for understanding.

We hear this a lot. While many writers thank us for being so kind as to promote them, some people are skeptical would like to know “What’s the catch?”

We are glad that you ask and the catch is nothing big. Let us explain.

How I Am Paid

This site has monetized all reviews through Google Adsense and Affiliate Market with sponsors such as ProWritingAid, Amazon Affiliate, and many more. I list transparent ads.

Writers do not pay me for these reviews. I reviewed these books through my free will, and everything is opinionated. I use all reviews with proper discretion and I do not discredit anyone’s work. I do not want to give any spoilers because I hate spoilers.

I strive to give the readers the best reviews to help them with their next purchase. I find the Writers through several platforms, and my posts are straight to the point. I have disclosed that I am reviewing books and if the Writers are not willing participants, they can refuse it. There are no hard feelings.

Thank you again and I appreciate everyone for being such a significant part of a wonderful community. If writers would like to send me books or recommend a book, send it in the message below.