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When you are learning the craft of writing, you want to know what time is best for inspiration? To be honest, I wrote all hours. Writing to a writer is like the best lighting for a photographer. Go with the flow, the mood, and the subject.

There is no such thing as a morning, afternoon, evening, and night person. If you categorize yourself as one of those writers, you just set yourself up for procrastination. You will clock watch and when the hours shift pass what you believe is your ‘moment’, you will tell yourself, next time. Here is what I do.

Schedule Things the Night Before

I check and double-check what needs completing the next day, and then I weigh out distractions. I make a list of things that are running low and I check the budget to see if I have enough to make a large purchase that will last me for months or weeks.

I also set a day of the week to complete laundry and deep clean my working area. A messy area will take a toll on your wellbeing and keep you uninspired. Give yourself no room to make any excuses not to write.

I use a planner to jot all these things down. The minute I am awake in bed, I am reading my planner to ensure I fill my day with something I am interested in doing. Plus, it gives me an understanding of what time slot I can give my spouse, who pops up in the middle of my work and asks me about things that are irrelevant.

Now if I tell him I am only available between 10 AM until 2 PM, he can think of all the questions he has throughout the day and uses those hours. Yes, we have a rule. When I am busy, save unnecessary thoughts for when I am available.

Emailing Myself

Throughout the day, if I come across an interesting topic, I would email it to myself. I would read it about three or four times to see if it is something worth writing about.

I’d begin drafting my work, but I would keep it in the draft for a while. I throw none of my thoughts away. I may not be enticed to write it today, but a few months down the line, it may be something that I am passionate about and want to add thoughts to it.


This is by far the best place for inspiration. I enjoy going through Pinterest and finding other people’s writings. This platform is the best place for entrepreneurs and creative minds. You can learn so much from everyone using this platform.

The best thing is, you can download Tailwind apps and join tribes of like-minded people to keep your uploads shared by many! I will do a thorough walkthrough of this app just for you!

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Dedicated Publishing Time

If you are a blogger, don’t convince yourself of the best time to publish. When you feel like what you are doing is a task or a chore instead of a passion, you will dismiss it.

I draft at night. When I wake up in the morning, I would polish my work and publish it anytime when I am finished especially if this is my personal blog post.

I tell myself that I want to share a part of my life and my thoughts at least once a day. Then the reviews follow. With book reviews and product reviews, I want to make sure my post is not regrettable, so I would add as many thoughts and information relevant to the subject product, and topic because reviews are for the smart consumer.

I don’t like wasting time on things as much as you do, so I know how important it is to get the best reviews for the things I am looking for. This also goes for tips and tricks on anything in life. I want you to enjoy what you are reading and walk away knowing something that you did not have knowledge of prior to the article.

I’m working for you, babes.


This is the fun part because, without the proper editing tool, you’ll just look at your draft feeling exhausting.

I have been using ProWritingAid to write all my work on. I highly recommend giving this tool a try to take away some stress. I am not a horrible writer, but some benefits that come with this tool are as useful as having a best friend reading your work along with you.

ProWritingAid offers both free and premium accounts. I enjoyed it so much that I purchased the premium account. I would suggest trying it to see whether this is the product for you. I will also do an in-depth analysis for those who are interested but would love to know more.

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Signing Off

I planned on publishing personal blogs throughout the day, but as for the reviews, I have dedicated Sundays for all reviews to be published. If you have not signed up for the newsletter to stay updated with any future posts, why wait? Sign up now!

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