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Being an Individual

While clearing out my Facebook notes, I happened across one of my writing ten years ago about being an individual. I created this after I came to my senses on what I interpret as friendship. Why do I need acquaintances when I work out most things alone?

I recognized that being alone was more entertaining and less troublesome.

Oh god. I sound like a Veronica.


Maybe that’s why I love the movie Heather (1989) so much.

This is what I wrote.


July 21, 2010 at 11:28 AM

Ive been receiving many inquiries from old/new associates or “FRIENDS” demanding, “Where have you been?!! Come out and hang with us. We need to catch up!!”

Us? Where are we going?”

“Bar hopping. The clubs. Drinking?!!”

No, thanks. I’ll pass.

I am so sick of the scene. I made it visible. No one is listening. Philly seem to lack activities. I know it doesn’t. Play along for this writing.

Every time someone comes up with a proposal, it is bar hopping or getting tipsy at a house party. I can negotiate with just hanging out. My main peeve about this whole proposition is, when I come up with what I expect is fun (Hiking, Expos, Camping, Anime convention, etc), they HAVE to consult with their friends first.

“So who else is going?” They’ll demand.
“I dont know. Whoever wants to go?”
“Um let me ask the ladies. If they don’t go, I don’t go.”

Sorry. I never noticed that once you hang with a multitude of friends or have a clique of your own, no one decides for themselves. Talk about, more head is better than one lol.

What do I think about that?

We’re not in high school anymore. Why does it sound like no one can travel anywhere alone anymore? Why do some people need friends to do everything with them? Shopping, bathroom, etc. Jesus christ. Might as well ask them how to screw your man, too. 

All you followers need to go! I have no place for you.

The Clique Mentality

After re-reading what I wrote ten years ago, I feel like some people I used to spend time with are still living in that same mentality. This is the reason I extracted myself from the group of characters I once called friends.

I notice that it does not matter how old you are, people who would not try new things are insecure about themselves. I felt out of place because I used to travel alone. I enjoy venturing out to places I have never been to, with or without companions.

It is all about experiencing different things and not echoing the same weekend plans with the same individuals.

I think people with clique mentalities are more prone to endure loneliness and a little apprehensive. They are frightened of making poor choices. Not having everyone there to hold their hands when they have to decide is a scary process. Besides the reason I mentioned above, I suppose I gave up on associating with these clique mentalities because I am the baby sitter. How do you expect anybody to have fun with that thought in mind?

I am conscious of my own actions, who I am with and where I am at. That’s why it frustrates me when people get so messed up that they cannot recall what they were doing the night before.

My question is, “How do you have fun if you blacked out half the night?”

You are setting yourself up for many dangerous situations and I would prefer not to be a part of that.

Even until this day, I still feel like everyone is accountable for their own actions. If you need a friend just so you can have a babysitter, you do not deserve to head out and have fun. I recommend you stay home and be a shrewd. Let the adults hang out and take part with society the right way. You are a danger to not just yourself, but to the world.


While people are hesitant to tiptoe out of their comfort zone, I love taking the risk.

I love looking up places all around the world and planning to get there one day. Being in unusual territories and experiencing different cultures helps with my creative thoughts. I love telling stories. Although I can generate a bundle of colorful stories, it is always remarkable to identify what these places are like.

It brings the features to life.

My husband has a clique mentality. He declines to travel to unfamiliar places unless he has more people coming along. That diminishes the adventurous part of me. I am saving up for that date where I can just bike ride across the land, stop in small townships, and experience a home-made pancake from some locals.

A lady can dream. For the time being, I’ll just continue to blog about my experience and compose novels about all the places I have come across. That’s all I have for now. Until next time, I will see you later!

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